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While spring cleaning, like New Year’s resolutions, seems dated, it does provide an opportunity for a business owner to step back and view the forest of his business rather than focusing on the trees.  There are numerous legal aspects of your business that should be periodically reviewed.  While we encourage our clients to do so on an annual basis, usually when filing your annual report with the Secretary of State or holding your annual shareholder/member, director/ manager or partner meetings, assessing your business in spring is also a good idea.

Some of the items your business should periodically review include:

  • Employee policies, procedures and handbooks;
  • Confidentiality, non-competition and other post-employment restrictions;
  • Copyright, trade mark and service mark protections;
  • Compensation, benefits and related issues;
  • Corporate compliance with filings, recordings and licensing;
  • Real estate and equipment leases and licenses;
  • Corporate sales documents and materials;
  • Corporate financial documents, including purchase orders and invoicing;
  • Website and other marketing materials;
  • Catastrophe management and business succession plans;
  • Corporate ownership and gifting; and
  • Banking, borrowing and financial arrangements.

Policies and procedures grow stale, laws and regulations change and other financing and marketing opportunities exist that you may not have considered.  While you can do your own annual spring cleaning review,  you should consider involving appropriate advisors and other professionals to assist and bring new ideas and perspectives.

Brooks, Tarulis & Tibble, LLC can assist you with the legal and business aspects of a review of your business, including suggesting, creating or updating documentation to match your current and future business needs.  If we can assist you in this regard, please contact me.

This Brief is designed to provide our friends and clients with information regarding the various subject matters covered. It is not designed to take the place of legal, accounting or other professional advice. If expert assistance is required, the services of a competent professional should be sought. This memorandum may constitute advertising under the rules regulating Illinois attorneys.

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