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Resolving Family Dispute Over Estate Plan and Trusts

On behalf of one of our corporate trustee clients, Eric Wilen and Mark Schroeder resolved a very contentious family dispute over the family patriarch’s estate plan and various family trusts he established. When we were retained the parties had already filed lawsuits. Their dispute also involved various claims to and removals of the decedent’s personal property and collections. As the attorney’s fees and costs being expended by the heirs and beneficiaries in their lawsuits threated to substantially diminish the inheritances and trust account balances of not only the warring parties but also their children and grandchildren, Eric and Mark fashioned and negotiated a settlement between the family factions that was approved by the court, ending the litigation and preserving much of the family’s estate and inheritances. Their involvement demonstrates the benefit of a corporate trustee retaining experienced and knowledgeable counsel not only for the benefit of the trustee and the beneficiaries, but also for the trustee’s customers.

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