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Cyberattacks, hacking, data theft, ransom demands and other intrusions into your data storage and operating systems can cripple or ruin your business. Experts report that the threat increases yearly, and even more with increased reliance on third-party contractors and remote/work from home employees.

Some ways to reduce the threat and minimize potential loss include:

  1. Retain trusted and experienced system security contractors.
  2. Include remote employees and third-party users in your risk management program.
  3. Install and update security on all equipment used by employees and contractors.
  4. Allow users the least access necessary to enable them to do their jobs.
  5. Monitor user activity.
  6. Segment your network and allow users accesses only to the necessary segments.
  7. Promptly disable and delete user accounts and access when no longer needed.
  8. Require third-party users to demonstrate their capability to protect your data and system.
  9. Instruct all users on required safety and security processes, procedures and requirements.
  10. Provide a means to enable users to report threats and for you to react quickly.
  11. Acquire insurance for any losses and require third parties to protect you with their insurance.

The attorneys at Brooks, Tarulis & Tibble, LLC can assist you in meeting these data and system security challenges and addressing claims, losses and other issues arising from breaches. If you have any questions or if issues arise, please contact us.


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