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Our Business Bytes highlights recent publications, issues, events and successes that we think our clients and friends should know about. We seek out, sort, prioritize and summarize them for your quick review. Please contact us if you have any questions, issues or problems with your business or otherwise that we can help solve. 

Domestic Worker Rules. The Illinois Department of Labor issued final rules effective August 1, 2022, regarding the employment, compensation, conditions and employer requirements for domestic workers. They include obligations for domestic workers that are shared or employed by multiple households, including persons employed as nannies, caregivers, housekeepers and other traditional domestic roles. READ MORE. 

Telephone and Fax Abuse. Recent sizable judgments resulting from violations of the federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) are a reminder that unwanted and unsolicited automated calls, faxes and even spam emails can result in substantial fines for violations, and invite class action law suits. Before engaging in telemarketing or other direct mass marketing, be sure you comply with all state and federal restrictions and ensure all vendors also comply and are fully insured to protect you. READ MORE. 

College Student Powers of Attorney. When your child leaves to live at college, have him or her leave you with a Power of Attorney. A healthcare Power of Attorney allows you to remotely assist in a health crisis and a financial Power of Attorney enables you to remotely assist and address almost all financial situations. READ MORE.  

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