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Employees working from home for any reason still require supervision, monitoring, and be provided access to other employees, supervisors, human resources and other resources. Some tips for management of remote and employees working at home include:

  • Allow flexible work hours.
  • Provide all needed technology, equipment and access.
  • Require an established work schedule.
  • Require and establish timekeeping and reporting procedures.
  • Keep connected with consistent and frequent written, audio and visual communications.
  • Schedule video and group conferences in advance.
  • Respect employees and their families’ limitations and boundaries.
  • Establish and require accountability on deadlines and productivity.
  • Schedule regular check-ins and project/work status reports.
  • Schedule and maintain regular performance and process evaluations.
  • Be flexible to adjust the process to accommodate you, your employees and the workload.
  • Comply with all employment law, rules, regulations policies and procedures.

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