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It is with great sadness that we report our dear friend and partner David Wentz passed away suddenly on January 4, 2021. His passing is not only devastating to his wife Tonya and their three children, but a tremendous loss to our entire community. His tireless and enthusiastic involvement with many community groups and charities will be missed, as well as the numerous charitable, service and community events he initiated.

David’s commitment to his clients and his dedication to our firm and the practice of law will be greatly missed. While no one can replace David, our firm will continue and we hope that we can continue to represent the same clients in the same types of matters as David did, and to provide the same high level of personal service that David gave to each of his clients. We remain available to assist you and your family, business and acquaintances with any legal or business matters.

Please contact either Douglas Tibble or Richard Tarulis as soon as possible to discuss the status of any and all matters David was handling for you and our continued representation.

Thank you.


Richard J. Tarulis and Douglas C. Tibble


This Brief is designed to provide our friends and clients with information regarding the various subject matters covered, it is not designed to take place of legal, accounting or other professional advice. If expert assistance is required, the services of a competent professional should be sought. This memorandum may constitute advertising under the rules regulating Illinois attorneys.

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