The firm represents buyers and sellers of real estate and real estate developers in issues related to real estate taxes, leasing, eminent domain, partition, joint ownership and many other uses and transfers of property.

Purchase / Sale



The firm represents buyers and sellers of residential, commercial, industrial and farm property, with or without improvements. We also represent and advise land owners regarding the use and occupancy of land.

The firm represents borrowers, lenders, investors and others regarding real estate based lending and financing.

The firm represents landlords and tenants in lease negotiation and lease enforcement, as well as other parties interested in the leasehold, remainder property or other property uses.

Land Use / Zoning

Construction Law

Mechanic Liens

The firm represents developers and land owners regarding residential, commercial, and industrial land uses, and in obtaining appropriate zoning and authorizations for said uses.

The firm represents a broad array of owners, contractors, developers, subcontractors, materialmen, suppliers, architects, engineers, purchasers and others involved in a construction project, from single family homes through large commercial and industrial developments. The firm also represents parties in warranty, defective work, delayed construction, and other claims relating to construction.

The firm represents owners, lenders, general contractors, subcontractors, materialmen, suppliers and others involved with the construction, improvement and maintenance of real property, and with enforcement or defense of liens brought to recover for goods, labor, and services provided.


Homeowners Associations

The firm represents land owners and other parties interested in real property that is subject to a condemnation to ensure that the condemnation is appropriate for the parcel, and to maximize their recovery.

The firm represents homeowner associations with issues ranging from creation of the association entity to liens to collection of fees.