Probate and Non-Probate Estates

The firm represents decedents, disabled persons, and other estates and probates throughout Illinois for the purpose of minimizing legal costs and expenses while fulfilling the wishes and best interests of the beneficiaries and decedents.

Probate Court

Trust Administration

The firm represents individuals and professional executors in probate courts in all the collar counties. Our attorneys and staff have substantial experience in collecting and accounting for assets, paying bills, and resolving disputes among beneficiaries and claimants. Most cases are not complicated or controversial, but the firm has substantial probate litigation experience if necessary.

The firm represents individuals and professional trustees in non-probate estate administration. Since probate is easy to avoid with minimal planning, most estates do not have to go through probate court, but still require all assets to be collected and accounted for, and all claims to be resolved. The firm also has substantial experience in challenging questionable transfers of property prior to a person’s death.