Our personal injury lawyers represent individuals seeking redress for personal injuries suffered from motor vehicle accidents, premises liability claims including slip and fall incidents, animal or dog bites, work place injuries, intentional bodily harm, dram shop claims, wrongful death claims, and other catastrophic events.

Automobile Collisions

Premises Liability

Animal Bite Claims

The firm represents individuals and families regarding personal injuries suffered in traffic accidents and other automobile collisions. We not only pursue our clients’ rights against any responsible party and their insurance carriers, but address medical liens and bills that impact their recovery.

The firm represents numerous individuals that suffered personal injury or property damages as a result of the improper or negligent conditions of premises or other real property, including slip and fall injuries. Our representation includes pursuing not only the responsible landowner, tenant, and insurance carriers, but also addressing medical bills, liens and subrogation claims arising from the care and treatment of the clients’ injuries.

The firm represents individuals who have been injured as a result of an animal or dog bite caused by the negligence or intentional actions of another individual. We also defend animal owners who have been accused of negligently creating dangerous situations involving their animals.

Worksite Injuries

Intentional Harm

Dram Shop

Our work injury lawyers represents workmen, employees and other third parties who are injured at work. We not only pursue the responsible parties and their insurance carriers, but also address subrogation claims and medical care liens that may arise.

The firm represents individuals in cases where personal injury or property damage was caused by the intentional or wrongful conduct of another person or entity. Our representation includes not only pursuing the wrongdoers, but any employers or other persons on whose behalf they may have acted, as well as addressing insurance and healthcare liens that may have arisen.

The firm represents individuals where the seller or purveyor of alcoholic beverages may be held responsible for personal injuries or property damage. Our representation includes not only pursuing responsible parties but addressing insurance claims and proceeds.

Underinsured / Uninsured Motorist Claims

Wrongful Death Claims

Property Damage

The firm represents individuals where, due to an uninsured motorist or inadequate insurance by the responsible party, claims need to be pursued against their own insurance policies. Our representation includes not only pursuing the responsible parties, but obtaining the maximum recovery from our clients’ carriers when the responsible parties’ insurance is not enough.

The firm also represents Estates of individuals who have lost their lives as the result of negligent or intentional acts of others. We do our utmost to protect the dignity of the family by working through a family representative to protect the rights of and adequately compensate the Estate and its beneficiaries.

Our Naperville attorneys represent individuals, businesses, tenants and property owners regarding damage to real and personal property due to the fault of other parties, including claims relating to defective repairs, breaches of warranty, mold claims and false or fraudulent representations. We not only address the liability of the party at fault and their insurance carrier, but present claims to our clients’ carriers when appropriate.