Our Naperville family law attorneys handle pre and post-judgment divorce proceedings, including child custody and support, maintenance, property division, tax considerations, and relocation. We also handle international custody disputes as well as adoptions and prenuptial agreements.


Custody / Alimony

Prenuptial Agreements

Our divorce lawyers represent individuals in divorce proceedings in order to minimize hostilities and maximize recovery for our clients, with substantial experience in complex divorce proceedings.

The firm represents a broad array of clients regarding the collection of spousal maintenance, child support and other financial issues in both divorce and post-decree settings, as well as issues concerning child custody rights, from the divorce through post-judgment proceedings, including relocations.

The firm represents individuals regarding the use of prenuptial agreements to protect individual assets prior to marriage, and post-nuptial agreements to allow parties to negotiate and reach an agreement as to the division of assets in the event of a divorce.

Post-Decree Maters

Guardian Ad Litem / Mediation

Our Naperville divorce lawyers represent a number of clients who need to make adjustments, amendments or modifications to divorce documents or decrees, including changes in visitation, child custody, support, insurance, education and college expenses, and other matters of a continuing nature between parties after their divorce is final.

Our Naperville divorce lawyers also serve as guardian ad litem to protect the interestS of children in divorce and child custody proceedings and conduct court-ordered investigations and interviews.  They also act as mediators to assist parties in reaching agreements in property division, spousal maintenance (alimony); child custody and support, college education costs and other divorce related issues.