The firm represents clients in the accumulation, holding and transfer of wealth and property on death, as well as the use of various forms of ownership to minimize the risk of loss of wealth and property during life. We use a comprehensive approach to integrate the estate plan with business succession plans, retirement goals and current living requirements.

Wills and Trusts

Non-Probate Transfers

Special Needs Trusts

Our family law attorneys represent individuals and families in preparing for the transfer of assets on death, including through wills, trusts, or other arrangements, focusing on probate avoidance and reducing conflicts and contested wills among beneficiaries.

Our Naperville based probate attorneys represent individuals and families regarding the transfer of assets during life and on death through trusts, investments and beneficiary designations.

With extensive experience in family law our lawyers represent individuals and families in preparing and administering special needs trusts to address the needs of disabled persons. These special needs trusts can maximize the funds available to the disabled person by enabling him to receive government and other benefits, including those based on financial need, regardless of the amount of funds in the trust.


The firm represents individuals and families that must obtain guardianship of a minor or disabled adult, from the initial physician report through court proceedings and annual status reports to the court. Most cases are routine and not stressful for the disabled person.