Brooks, Tarulis and Tibble, LLC, represents Naperville business clients, and Chicagoland area business clients, providing legal advice and counsel in the creation, operation and dissolution of Corporations, Limited Liability Companies or Sole Proprietorships. Our attorneys also represents owners, shareholders, members and others in their relationships with various businesses, including business litigation.

Establishing Corporations and LLCs

Partnership Law

Officer, Director and Manager Duties

Our lawyers represent clients in the creation, operation and dissolution of business entities. The firm also represents owners, shareholders, members and others in their relationships with various businesses.

The firm represents corporations as general counsel and registered agent, assists in the selection of the appropriate business entity, facilitates incorporation and authorization to conduct business, and maintains corporate books and records to comply with appropriate state and other regulatory agencies.

Our attorneys represent and advise individuals and businesses on the duties and responsibilities of officers, directors, managers and consultants to businesses.


Enforcement / Collections

Succession Planning / Buy - Sell

Our contract lawyers represent clients in contract drafting and negotiating a broad array of contracts and in resolving contract disputes, and breach of contract disputes, including thorough alternative dispute resolution, mediation and business litigation. We also prepare and review standardized business forms, policies, procedures and practices.

The firm is experienced in collection law and represents businesses in commercial disputes and proceedings to enforce contracts, collect amounts owed and defend against unfounded claims.

Our attorneys represent individuals and businesses in planning for and carrying out the transition of businesses and their ownership, working for both buyers and sellers, including stock sales and stock distribution.

Not - For - Profit Entities

Wrongful Termination

Employment Contracts / Non - Complete

The firm assists in the establishment, operation and wind-up of various not-for-profit corporations, associations, trusts, foundations and other organizations. We also counsel board members and volunteers for such organizations.

The firm represents both employees and employers in claims for wrongful termination, in both civil and administrative hearings, to protect our clients’ rights and obtain proper compensation.

The firm’s lawyers can assist employees and employers in drafting employment contracts to ensure that our clients are adequately protected, including the protection of trade secrets, proprietary and confidential information, non-compete agreements, and the prevention of unfair competition.

Severance Negotiations

Unemployment Benefits and Compensation

Mergers / Acquisitions

Our attorneys assist high and mid level management employees in negotiating with corporate counsels, CEOs, human resource directors and other personnel representatives, to obtain the benefits to which they are entitled from their former employers, including through litigation.

The firm represents employers and terminated employees in administrative and legal proceedings concerning compensation, including unemployment compensation.

The firm represents buyers, sellers and other affected parties in the sale of business property and ownership interests.

Asset Purchases and Sales

Our attorneys represent buyers, sellers, manufacturers, distributors, financers and others involved in such transactions, and related liens, collateral and financing issues.